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More and more opportunities to volunteer with GET are being created throughout the UK, we look after our volunteers as they are a highly valued team. We are continually amazed at the motivation and dedication of the volunteers who offer their time so generously. In return we try and offer opportunities for volunteers to develop their own skills, both practical and interpersonal. Volunteering with GET has enabled individuals to shine and reveal their hidden talents, empowering them to successfully find paid employment.

The majority of our volunteering roles are in GET Shops, these shops are GET FREE BOOKS shops, books are saved from landfill and instead are offered free to customers. Customers may make a donation to GET, and whilst in the shop they can learn about GET's projects.

Volunteering in a GET Free Books Shop involves the following tasks:
• Creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers
• Keeping the shop tidy and organised
• Answering customers’ questions about the free books process
• Raising awareness of GET’s projects
• Designing window displays / restocking shelves

The shops are run with volunteers, giving them a real sense of ownership and a pride in their work. Volunteers are guided and supported by GET staff, whilst at the same time volunteers have the freedom to make decisions and implement their own ideas.

Volunteering allows the following skills to flourish:

• teamwork
• confidence in dealing with customers
• organisation
• communication and listening skills

To volunteer in an existing shop, or to express your interest in volunteering in the future please contact us …..


The generosity of donors means that we have books and various items scattered across the country, these need to be transported to the nearest GET SHOP or GET depot. If you run your own haulage business, or perhaps have a van, we would really appreciate your help in moving these items around. We will of course pay expenses if you are able to offer your time.

To be added to our logistics list please contact us.

It won't always be a van full of donated books, it could be furniture, clothes, electrical goods or bric-a-brac so if you have transportation which you could use to help us with our stock, please get in touch.



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